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7/11/2003 - This is my suicide note. I'm going to die. I've been thinking allot about my games and the state there in and I've decided on a course of action. I have three games in developement... and origin to rescue, so I'm just going to take my time with fixing those, and then I'll start up a new coding enterprise. I'm going to redesign my site with that in mind. This site is beuatiful to me, in its chaotic evolution it has helped me and murdered me... but my new site will be a thing of order reflecting my new and more "mature" mind. I find I'm just moving in cycles and I'm back where I was when I was twelve. I'm having trouble finding where I stand in the world and thats not a bad thing, I was disgusted at my complacence and acceptance this summer... Guys at rpgdev will know that.... I'm seventeen, I'm old enough to fuck but I've not moved and I think I'm stuck. I thought I was done with this depressing bollocks but I realise I've only begun. i've allways know I'm 6 months behind everyone else, now I realise I was so much further I looped, and it only looked like 6... I feel like a 15 year old... or what I should have felt like at fifteen... I'm falling behind again but I'm fighting to stay in controll this new site will help me with that It'll be modeled more on D3's, as a creative base and I'll probably put any drawing's that aren't terrible up cause I can, cause I'm a child, cause I don't know any better and cause I don't care. I've been keeping a diary that's been rotting away recently this will hopefully bring it back to the surface. This is probably my longest post ever, but Darkdread died out at this age too for a year, and I'm just fading away. I feel sorry, but smells that shouldn't comfort me, and I wouldn't have it any other way... Guilt. Until I see you again, your free to choose your own prison, so take the middle path and ignore my advice, Mathew Lloyd Jones/Spitter/PhrenzyBlade/Michael Sherry

13/9/3 - wooo... saturday the 13th... I uploaded origin, finally. Thanks to dpaulius for all his help. I really don't like school. Matt

26/8/2003 - Well, I've been seventeen for a while, and its just like the song. I'm so lazy. While I've done alot... I've also managed to do VERY little. I'm off to fenit today, so I can work more on my competition game (a little overdue)... On the pro side (fuck you Mr.parkenson) there are people comming regularly to my board and actually posting... wow... whateverfuckyoucuntlickmatt2jonessssssss

17/7/2003 - I'm 17 tomorow, but all I can think about are the champs... My priorities are all fucked up. Anyway, I've finished a new miniminirPG called the Mount Cloudtip Prophecy. Its like LoTD, or I made it like LoTD at least. Download it, play it and post what you think on my board (bored) please, matt

8/5/3 - I watched signs and donnie darko, I updated about me, I started on ellinda again. I hate I scream and I fall(8+3=5)

14/5/2003 - I fixed some links and added more about me

10/4/03 - I uploaded more about me shit

28/3/2003 - Uploaded a random name generator I made this morning, its kinda fun, Matt.

25/3/2003 - Added some more about me.

16/3/3 - Added in a page about me.

1/1/2003 - See, I did update it in 2003

27/2/02 - Yeah, I've started working on Ellinda again, doing the magic for the battle system. I put a link to my band's website, and a new rant. Fuck this, cya -- Matt

23/12/02 - Uploaded Joe Strummer tribute page. Stummers dead man!

25/11/2002 - Made a page and uploaded the new game by me: The Land of the Dead. It was started on the 24/11/2002 and finished on teh 25/11/2002 with about seven hours coding. Matt

23/11/2002 - Added a page on the top 7 fantassy world's, Matt

6/11/02 - Uploaded Elysian Feilds and the Hellpit trillogy, slightly edited the Top 5 RPG's page. Matt

4/11/02 - Added a vote Counter thingy for Top 50 QB RPGs- Matt

2/11/02 - Uploaded a page on gOODbyE - Matt

29/10/02 - Added new rant, Matt

25/10/02 - Uploaded gOODbyE, my first completed RPG, my entery in DarkDreads competition.

17/10/02 - Upload QbPal Package. Looking forward to MiniRPG compotition starting in 2 hours 15 minuites! Matt

12/10/02 - Added two links.

9/8/2002 - I'm just back from German Collage today where I met a guy who knows a south african Qber who codes RPGs named Matt, sound familiar? I added my Top 5 Qbrpg page, something I've been meaning to do. Matt

15/7/2002 - Yeah! I'm sixteen in three days! To selebrate I have loaded up a preview movie for Ellinda, my Current QBRPG which can be downloaded here or in the downloads section of the site!

23/6/2002 - Added some links, updated Ellinda Page, going to make a page for ALL my projects, with detailed descriptions, and load up Demon Woods, Hellgate, the raycaster and all my other half done small RPG's.

21/6/2002 - Updated links

4/3/2 - Heh, cool date! I've decided (or been order to by mey friend, see web-board, you pick) update the page. I've decided to release Ellinda (My RPG) in multiple parts, because of my terrible code (Ie, no tilesets and such). Each part will use the same engine, but with different scripts and each will be playable by themselves, you can download them seporatly or together from my site. Once I have finished the ENTIRE set of games I will revamp them all and release them, in one zip, this will be the real Ellinda, but I can literally see this taking two more years.
Okay, the story so far. I have the first part 70% complete, I need to do the fight engine (more on that later), at the moment it consists of 9 Maps, 43 Tiles (one tileset), 2 Layers and the character drawn above them all, vibrating NPC's (currently four kinds) and 20 to 30 mins of cutscenes, give or take some talking to NPC's. So far NO LIBRARIES HAVE BEEN USED AND THE GAME WORKS WITH BARELY ANY FREE BASE MEMORY, unfortunatly I haven't tested this version on anything below a pentium... And my code generally isn't organised... Anyway, the fight engine I've been boasting about for ages, yes the THREE DIMENSIONAL fight engine will be cancelled, due to memory problems and the fact that I need to use lib to stop the flicker and I don't want to for this game. Anyway, I had it completed to the stage of you and the enemy can attack and I will release it very soon (Prob the weekend) for you to mess around with. It need DirectQB to run.
Anyway, this does not mean that the next fight engine will be your party on the left and the enemies party on the right, no, I WILL NOT STOOP THAT LOW! I WILL SOMEHOW BE ORIGANAL!

9/11/01 - Changed site code, I like it better this way, scrapped Darkness Beneath the Moon and re-opened Galad City... Don't ask - Matt

6/11/01 - Wow, only two more months until the euro comes in... On an unrelated note I uploaded a program Matttest.zip to find out how many of you are actually like me, sort of a joke, download it if you want.
Ellinda is moving strong, I've got another town (and a Brothel!) done for those who care and am about 1/4 of the way through the game cutscene wise (I have 1/4 of the cutscenes done). Anyhoo... Any other news... Yeah-- I was playing Mysterious song today (just leveling up - tryna beat the dragons) when I came across the readme file and obeyed my primary implulse to read it and found out that Mysterious song was written in THREE MONTHS. For a monster game like that that got a whopping 100% in reviews... My god, Darkdread is even more amzing then the divine coding being I thought he was half a day before now! Anyway... I'll see ya!

16/10/01 - I finally updated again... Changed some dead links and small update on Ellinda: The demo I brought out will NOT be released. I got to the stage where it was finish the demo, or finish the game, and I don't want Ellinda to be "just another QB RPG Demo". I have now gone further in the story and put in NPCs that spew out random bullshit, but the full game probably won't be out till after christmass. Oh yeah, if anyone wants to see what I look like (And I can't think why) I've uploaded a pic of me and my guitar (Wow - flashback to Pugwalls summer's themesong) if you wanna look. I'm wearing my cool T-shirt. Funny story about that shirt -> everyone keeps telling me how cool it is, and I'm so anti-social I don't know how to reply... People I don't even know say hi to me when I'm in this shirt... Is this what it's like to be accepted in society? The thing I hate so much? - An excerpt from the twisted opinions of Matt2jones - the Pyro/Hacker/Punk/Low level/Retro tech

5/8/01 - I finally removed the link to Galad City (Dead Project), and put up data on my new side project Darkness Beneath the Moon. I'm still working on Ellinda, but it's slow and steady. My work on DBTM is in fits (the worst way to work on a game). I might bring out an Ascii RPG soon... Maybe. In the mean time I've uploaded a music file, it's me and D3 messing with guitars. It starts off bad, gets good and goes terrible at the end of the solo. Oh well, we've done better. - Matt

9/7/01 - Redid site design slightly, Ellinda is no longer on the main page. I have also just joined Electrosoft Corp, so I'll be helping with Kyper's Quest project. That means production on Elllinda will slow a little. MattI should be uploading an Ezine soon, QBasic Telegraph. Watch out for it! - Matt

26/6/01 - Added Galad City RPG page. Will be redoing site design tomorrow. Post on the board if you want to help with Galad City - Matt

25/6/01 - After a depressing defeat on the river corrib yesterday, I decided to update the page. I couldn't do much though, so I just changed some things on the webboard. - Matt

21/6/01 (Hours later) - Added a new link. Fixed spelling errors. - Matt

21/6/01 (Moments Later) - Added a Web Board. Weehee!

21/6/01 - Changed site layout, tried to find a hit-counter, but couldn't. - Matt2jones

19/6/01 - Put a link to IronyTrunks software. They're currently making an RPG about Darkness Ethereal, the reatest indeie RPG developers of all time. It'll be a great game, if they can pull it off !)

17/6/01 - This is a quick site I just made, previewing my upcomming RPG Ellinda - Matt2jones

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The opening Scene in Ellinda. Characters are (from left) Roth, Worsel, Cilyyn and Senath.



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