The Joe Pucciarelli Experience

A New Experience

The following songs were recorded by myself, Matthew Dunlap , for The Joe Pucciarelli Experience. All the songs on, A New Experience , the first disc in a set of three titled Version 5.0 were recorded using N-Track Studio as the main interface. Other software used includes Cool Edit Pro for wave editing and final mastering, Cakewalk Direct X plug-ins along with Plug-ins from Sonic Foundry , Arboretum and others.

The computer used for recording was one I built on a limited budget. It had a first generation Pentium 133 Mhz for it's processor with thirty-two megabytes of fast page memory. A thirteen point six gig seventy-two hundred rpm Western Digital hard drive compensated greatly for the slow CPU and little memory. An Aureal Vortex One soundcard was used both for in and out.

As for outboard hardware, a Fostex X-15 Multi-Track cassette tape recorder was used for a microphone pre-amp and mixer as well as a Yamaha MTX-4 Multi-Track cassette tape recorder. Cheap Radioshack dynamic microphones were used as well as one Shure.

The guitar was amplified with a Crate GX-15 amplifier and was recorded mic'ed with a Radioshack dynamic microphone pre-amped by the Fostex X-15. The bass guitar was recorded directly into the Yamaha board. Three microphones were used to record the drum kit and sub-mixed into stereo through the Yamaha board.


My Love Song To A Nameless Individual
Happy Song

The above songs are available for download from my i-drive account. Simply click the link and select which song(s) you want.


These songs were not recorded at cd quality (44.1Khz@16bit) due to the proccesing power of the cpu, and were instead recorded at near cd quality (32Khz@16bit).