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Welcome to the Lost Gorillaz Dimension!  Held by me, Matt!  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at Matt@M1A1.zzn.com! Hail Murdoc!

september 30, 2001
Hi!  I have a AFFILIATE!!
Right HAND SUZUKI METHOD!! It is a Noodle shrine, I visit it all the time! Visit it please!!!
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Matt's Top 10 Favorite Gorillaz Songs!

10. Punk
9. Tommorow Comes Today
8. 12D3
7. Left Hand Suzuki Method
6. Re-Hash
5. 5/4
4. Latin Simone
3. Clint Eastwood
2. Starshine
1. M1A1

Matt's Favorite Gorillaz Sites

Kate and Sarah's Gorillaz Fansite
The Clint Eastwood Club
Mike's Gorillaz Site
Zombies and Painkillers
Right Hand Suzuki Method
12D3's 2-D Shrine
The Zombie Hip Hop Shop
Visit my AFFILIATE!! You will not regret it!!!!!