This is a website all about me, Matthew. It will show some of my work from school and my links. Also it will show some of my favorite things and stuff about me.

  A Little About Me

My name is Matthew. I am 13 years old. I was born December 19th, 1991. I have brown hair and brown eyes. My favorite color is blue and my favorite food is seafood. My favorite kind of sea food is shrimp.  I live in Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan. I like to play sports, but my favorite sport ever is hockey.


                                                                                                         Favorite Things
Food: Shrimp Subject: Gym/French Animal: Beaver
Hockey Player: Markus Naslund/ Brad Richards Movies: Friday Night Lights/ The Replacements/ Happy Gilmour/ Napoleon Dynamite Pop: Brisk/ Sprite
Hockey Team: Vancouver Cunucks Show: Family Guy Season: Winter
Sport: Hockey Game (X-Box): NHL 2005 Other Sport: Basketball/ Football
Color: Blue Number: 6 Dessert: Brownies

  1. Hockey-I play for the Prairie Storm Bantam AA Hockey Team. I love to play hockey. It is my favorite sport. I play right wing.
   2.Football- I like to play football. My favorite position is running back.
  3. Basketball- I play basketball at school. I made the junior team. I like to play basketball                                 
   4.Skiing- I like to ski on snow and on water.
   5.Lacrosse- Don't play it but like the hits!