as little as a look as

track listing:

  1  heathern kind
  2  by as little as a look
  3  miss this tonight *
  4  thursday *
  5  overland *
  6  all that stuff *
  7  save your worry
  8  b.b.'s *
  9  fever pitch
10  ocean chimes
11  light me up

Matt Moffitt: vocals, guitars
Pete Glenister: guitars
Rob Fisher: Fairlight/programming/keyboards
(plus bass on 'heathern kind')
John Prior: drums


Nicky Graham - keyboards on *, plus bass on 'miss this tonight', 'bb's', 'light me up'
Dale Barlow - sax on 'all that stuff', tenor sax on 'light me up'
Wendy Dorsett - backing vocals on 'heathern kind' and 'miss this tonight'
Simon Climie - Fairlight/keyboards on 'save your worry'
Felix Krish - bass on 'save your worry'
Martin Sunley - backing vocals on 'ocean chimes'


'light me up' only appears on the cd, not the album.

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