by heart by heart by heart

track listing:

  1   blue
  2   earthbound (don't sing for me) *
  3   understand
  4   I could tell you I cried *
  5   magic
  6   by heart *
  7   love in demand *
  8   need you near me *
  9   silence *
10  in my dreams

Matt Moffitt: vocals, guitars
Rohan Cannon: guitars, backing vocals
Paul Dawkins: keyboards
Adrian Cannon: drums


Rick Grossman - bass on *
Margaret Urlich & Bob Emsley - backing vocals on 'understand'
Paul Grant - strings on 'by heart' and 'magic'
Jan Preston - grand piano on 'silence'
Hendo - additional guitars on 'understand', keyboards on 'earthbound'
Rebecca Johnstone - backing vocals on 'love in demand'
Dario Bortolin - bass on 'in my dreams'

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