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Parachute 1977
Chris Langman, Rob Kretschmer, Graeme Perry

Bleeding Hearts 1977-1978
Martin Armiger, Eric Gradman, Keith Shadwick, Huk Treloar, Laurie Tunnecliffe, Geoff Warner, Chris Worrall

Eric Gradman's Man and Machine 1978-1980
Rob Kretschmer, Graeme Perry

Matt Finish 1979-1981

The Traitors 1979
Geoff Spooner, Eddie Van Roosendale, Steve Ralphs

Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons

Paul Kelly and The Dots 1980

Divinyls 1982-1987
Desperate                          1983
LP   Chrysalis CHR D 205271
       Chrysalis CHR 1404 (reissue 1987)

What A Life!                        1985
CD   Crysalis 3215112
LP    Chrysalis RML-53130

The Rocking Love Gods 1985
Flame Fortune, Tim Brosman, Graham Bidstrup, Andrew Farriss, Barton Price, James Reyne

James Griffin and The Subteraneans

Kevin Borich Express 1986-

Red Not Blue 1987
Barton Price, David Adams, Paul Burton, John Prior

The Wigmen 1988
Damien Lovelock, Peter Koppes, Richard Ploog, Joe Latty

Hoodoo Gurus 1988-1998
only albums (australian pressings) listed
Magnum Cum Louder       1989
CD   RCA PD 90362
        Mushroom MUSH33059.2 (re-issue 1997, 3 bonus tracks)
LP    RCA PL 90362

Kinky                                   1991
CD   RCA VPCD 0839
        Mushroom MUSH33060.2 (re-issue 1997)

Electric Soup - The Singles Collection   1992
CD   RCA 74321 10741 2
        Mushroom (re-issue 1996)
        Mushroom MUSH32118.2

Gorilla Biscuit                    1992
CD   RCA 74321 10742 2
        Mushroom D26178 (re-issue 1996)
        Mushroom MUSH32117.2

Electric Soup/Gorilla Biscuit    1992
2CD   RCA 74321 10741 2
          Mushroom (re-issue 1999)

Crank                                  1994
        Mushroom MUSH33061.2 (re-issue 1997)

Blue Cave                           1996
CD   Mushroom TVD 93455 (RMD 53455)
        Mushroom MUSH32122.2

Electric Chair/Armchair Gurus            1997
2CD  Mushroom MUSH33066.2

Electric Chair                           1998
CD   Mushroom MUSH33134.2

Armchair Gurus                           1998
CD   Mushroom MUSH33133.2

Bite The Bullet                          1998
CD     Mushroom MUSH33156.2
3CD   Mushroom MUSH33156.5

with the Masters Apprentices:
Turn Up Your Radio                       1995
CD-Single   AUS

The Gubbs 1989
Mark Callaghan, Michael Hiron, Rob Hirst, Craig Hooper, Robbie James, Geoff Stapleton,
Rick Swinn, James Valentine

Ghostwriters 1990 - present
Ghostwriters   1991
CD   Virgin VOZCD2055
        Ghostwriters GH001 (re-issue 2000, different cover)
        Virgin VOZCD2055 262 756 (different cover)

Second Skin    1996
CD   Mercury 5321992
        Ghostwriters GH002 (re-issue 2000, different cover)

Fibromoon      1999
CD   Ghostwriters GH003 (issued 2000)

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