word of mouth word of mouth

track listing:

  1   out on those moments ^
  2   tai ming money #
  3   come on over
  4   light up my days *
  5   always another
  6   died in love #
  7   does it feel
  8   words and wars * ^
  9   still roads (I need it) *
10   blind and running *

no band listing on this album, but I'm presuming -

Matt Moffitt: vocals, guitar
Jeff Clayton: bass, vocals
Rob Riley: guitar
John Prior: drums, percussion, vocals


Burt Dorsett: fretless bass - 'blind and running', guitar - 'light up my days'
Anthony Smith: keyboards on *
Ken Francis: guitar on #
Jim Cox: congas on ^
Rob Riley: guitar on 'always another'


'always another' was released as a single (with 'forecast' from Short Note as the b-side)
'words and wars' was also a single (with 'still roads' as the b-side)
'out on those moments' and 'blind and running' are on their
self titled ep

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