We are a 4 piece punk rock band started only to play one gig but then decided to continue as we were enjoying ourselves, and kept our name so far because its kinda funny!.....:ops
On the Drums - Dale Robinson
Leadguitar and Vox -
Matt Rehm
Backing Guitar -
Martin Lout
Bass Guitar -
John Dale

Our musical emphasis is mainly on the "summer style" punk rock sound, mixing vocal harmonies with distorted guitars, deep bass and loud drums.
In summer 2004, we went into the studio for 2 weeks to record one of our songs called "Runaway". It was recorded at Heatham House Studios @ Heatham House Youth Centre in Twickenham. The track was recorded, produced and mixed by Matt Rehm (the bands leadguitarist and vox) who is also an engineer at the studio.
Click here to download the studio recording of  "Runaway"...
The song is about a relationship that seems right, only it doesn't work out one way or another, as if the person you love is running away from you (hence the song's name!)
29th January
Heatham House
Hundred Reasons
We are playing Heatham House on the 29th January supporting Hundred Reasons. Check it out, It'll be a great Bandnite.
Live Picture 1
Additional Pictures
Here are some more pics from the Bandnite we played at Heatham back in June...

Including a sketch from a friend of Matt... (Sammy)
Live Picture 2
Sketch of Matt
Feel free to contact the band with any questions, suggestions or what you think about the song and we'll gladly get back to you.
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All photography by Lucy Macrae Sketch by Sammy Rayment