Preppy Bitch
A stone cold slut of the school
With her blonde hair and prada purse
Her voice is shrill and horrible
Like the sound of a rat drowning in a filthy toielt
She walks down the hall
Striking fear in the souls of the less popular
Goes out with the captain of the basketmall team
And gives it to him on the first date with no shame
With a thick layer of Makeup
Befowling to the human face
They march forward in two's
Like bee's from a hive
The horrible smell of hairspray
As they pass by
They live in a self centered universe
Where only themselves and daddies credit card exists
There disregard for everone else
And hatered for any one that be different
The preppy bitch
A stone cold slut
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Well I haven't really been working to much lately. I put up my Brandon pictures, yes I know there really disturbing but it all happened. I decided to put up a quotes page so if you have anything you want to say email them to me. and also if you visit my site please sign my guestbook so I will know what i can do to make my site better. i also decided to replace my picture of Willow with a poem i wrote a little while ago about my hatered for preppy bitches. ENJOY!!!!