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AR50.jpg (6626 bytes)


Model AR-50   Caliber .50 BMG
Receiver Form Modified Octagonal, drilled & slotted for scope rail   Bolt Triple front locking lug
Extractor Sako type   Ejector Spring loaded plunger, automatic ejection
Trigger Schillen standard single stage   Barrel 31" tapered, 8 groover RH 1:15 inch twist
Buttplate Vertically adjustable, specially built for heavy calibers   Stock 3 section: extruded forend, machined grip with vertical grip, forged and machined
Muzzle Device Cylindrical multiflute recoil check   Finish Manganese phosphated steel, hard anodized aluminum
Overall Length 59.5 inches   Weight 34 pounds

By far, the most controversial weapon that I own.  It has an effective range of about 3 miles, a total range of about 5 miles, and kicks like a mule!  I suppose that has to do with the fact that it uses a 600 grain bullet.  As a matter of fact, there are specially-designed rounds that limit the bullet's range to 2500 yards.  It has enough power to stop a bull elephant in a charge, and can punch a hole through a big-block engine.  All of which begs the question: why the hell do I have it?  The answer is surprisingly simple: because I can.  Not only that, but it's great fun to shoot.   And it's guaranteed to get people looking and asking questions when you lug this 6 foot monstrosity onto the shooting range.