Llama MiniMax

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Llama MiniMax .45.JPG (55264 bytes)

  Llama Mini-Max


Caliber   .45 ACP   Magazine Capacity   7 (6 stock)
Overall Length   7 1/3 inches   Weight   35 oz
Sights   Fixed   Stocks   Neoprene

A fine weapon.  My personal favorite.  Based on the tried and true Colt 1911-style weapon first developed in World War I.  You gotta love a weapon developed to take down a charging horse with one shot.
Anywho, as opposed to my other Llama, I have had no problems with this one.  It shoots great, hasn't jammed yet, and gives 3" groups at 25 yards.  I have it loaded with Extreme Shock controlled penetration ammunition.  This ammunition is some special composite (tungsten-nytrilium, as the box says) that is designed to have maximum effectiveness in soft targets (i.e. humans, game, etc.), but will not penetrate through harder surfaces such as walls.  With standard full metal jacket or even hollowpoint ammunition, you have to worry about shots going through your target, and the wall behind it, and into your neighbor's house.  Not so with this ammunition.  The bullet will actually fragment on hard targets.  There is video footage of a guy shooting it at a sheet of solid steel from 5 feet away, with the bullets literally fragmenting into dust, and no harm to the guy.  This is my home defense weapon, so intruders be warned!  I keep it by my bed (locked in a safe accessible in 2 seconds by fingerprint) with 2 additional clips.