How To Use Other Peoples Knowlege to Profit Big in Real Estate

By: Brice Cook Investor/Agent 530-354-7325

If you don't know how, find someone who does. We all learned what we know from someone else. We learned to tie our shoes. Teachers taught us readin writin' and arithmatic. Your father taught you how to drive in most cases. When it comes to our money most of us want to learn to handle it by our selves. Or we let others who don't have any money tell us what is or isn't a good investment. This article is about finding someone to teach you how to invest in Real Estate.


Real Estate Investing is known by most people to be the best and safest method of securing your financial future. It is for some but many get into trouble trying to do it themselves while learning. There are many pit falls that we have heard of. The money pit being one of them. Everyone has heard of sweat equity, It's a potential pit for many. Creative financing is another pit that many people have fallen into recently, with adjustable rate mortgages, balloon payments, hard money lenders and Being a landlord can become a pit. It's all about what you know about solving or preferably avoiding each of these potential problems. If you don't know you should find someone who does know.

When I first started investing in real estate I learned one very important rule, DO NOT LOSE THY CAPITAL. It seems obvious but it is the only way that you can lose in any knid of investing. You may have set backs but if you lose all your capital you will be back at square one in a hurry and nothing to show for all the sweating except an expensive education. I learned from the school of hard knocks and along the way I found mentoring programs. I spent lots of money on books tapes seminars and mentors. All the while learning a little at a time. Mainly what I learned is that most of these programs teach you enough to get into trouble or they only give a very vague knowledge of what to do. Many people walk out of high dollar seminars with a lot of excitement, drive and a rudimentary knowlege. This leads many into trouble.

I have spent years attaining the knowlege I now have at my disposal.
I'm an Investor/Agent licensed in California
I Buy Houses For Cash any where in the Lower 48 states
I do lease options
I buy real estate and business notes for cash.
I mentor and consult internationaly
I am just now getting into international Real Estate Investing
I have 37 people working for me finding properties

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My favorite part of my Real Estate career is when I do profit share deals. I do deals all over the country where I hold the investors hand thru the process of a deal.
I have one in closing right now that took $55,000 and turned it into $102,000 in about 45 days.
That is more than 85% in 45 days. Most people are happy if they get 12% in a whole year.

Lets look at this deal from the investors point of view.

$102,000 sale price
-$55,000 purchase price
=$47,000 in 45 days....................hmmmmm over $1,000 a day

The total actual hours spent on this deal were about 46 hours

But wait what do I get?
I got half of the profit. $47,000 split 50-50 is $23,500 ok so the investor made $500 a day

The beauty of this is that the investor/student gets an education while making money.

I don't charge the investor/student ANYTHING up front.

I only profit if the investor/student profits.

I guide the investor/student....all decisions are left ultimately up to the student ( Deal or No Deal ).

The investor/student continues to learn with me as long as they wish to.
When they feel they are ready to go it alone they do so with the knowlege that they can either bring me in for a split or pay me hourly for consulting.

To many, this would have seemed to be a very small deal with very little profit potential.
What I look at is the numbers. In this deal there is 85 percent profit in 45 days.
85% divided by 45 = 1.89 percent per day.
If this deal was followed up with another similar deal then another ...etc the potential is 1.89% X 365 days in a year = 689.85 percent per year. So $55,000 could be 6.8985 times itself or $379,417 in just one year.
If you were to split all the deals for a year, you would still have $189,708 plus all the knowlege that you gained will help you continue earning your whole life. Can you put a value on that?

Hell cut the numbers in half and your still making $94,854 a year.

That accounts for all the vacations, ball games with your kids, camping trips with your family and times when you cant find a deal.

The point of all the numbers is

How much are you missing out on by not starting now.

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The specialized knowlege that is most important in investing is having exit strategies. Having a lot of tools in your tool belt gives you more options in each deal you do. You can buy and sell to wholesalers, buy and hold (rentals), buy and rehab, buy from wholesalers and sell to end buyers, buy notes on properties, buy on the courthouse step[s, lease options, straight options,partnerships, commercial Real Estate,buy land to develop,buying foreclosures, short sales, tax lien sales, buying estate sales, buying condemed properties, buying the right of redemption,inner city fixer upers, city and county programs, grants, become a Real Estate Agent, or even become a lender. The list of ways to profit in Real Estate goes on and on. Many people spend months and years trying to learn the knowlege all the while missing out on a lot of deals they could have profited from. Who wouldn't be willing to do a deal with Donald Trump in a profit sharing contract. What the Don touches turns to gold. He definately has the midas touch. In conclusion if your a begining investor The best advice I can give you is find an experienced investor and split to get the knowlege while earning.

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Contrary to what you hear in the media, these are the best times to be investing. During the great deppression more people became millionaires than any other time in history but all the media reported was doom and gloom. During hard times money will change hands. A great Example of this is When JPMorgan made a deal that put Bear in JPMorgan's hands for $2 a share, a 93% discount. Money just changed hands and JPMorgan and it's investors made money. What I do for a living is teach people how to pick up the money that is laying around just waiting for the right person to see it.


I owned my first business when I was 11 years old and was making $350 per was a paper route. I grew it to twice the size it was when I got it, At 13 I worked on a dairy milking cows, hard work but how many 13 yr olds were making $13 an hour in 1976. I was pulling down over $1500 a month working 4 hours a day. After graduating from high school I spent 3 yrs from 1982 to 1985 in the US Army as a Military Police Officer. I worked in a lumber millfor about 5 yrs. I started there as a chain puller the most physically demanding thing I have ever done in my life. I left that business and took 6 months off to decide what my next step in life would be. That was when I became a car salesman. Need I say that is the most ruthless cut throat business I have ever known of. It took me 3 months to become the number one sales person at the dealership and from there I rode the sales roller coaster for about 2 years I then found a sales system that took me to number one in sales as well as gross profits consistently. It was a ruthless business but that is where I learned that being up front and honest to a fault with my clients was what they expected. I also learned how to track my activites and productivity to determine where my efforts would be the most benificial. As a car salesman I learned how to set myself apart from the average crowd. I learned to stay away from the negative doom and gloom crowd and go out and determine my own future. I worked half the hours of the other sales people and made twice the money. I was a business owner. Of course my boss didn't see it that way until the day I walked out the door and took a huge chunk of my customers with me to the competition. Selling cars was an extremely stressful time in my life. It was the dealing with the bosses and the old school way that the industry is run that was stressful. Dealing with my clients was one of the greatest things I experienced in my life. Somewhere in the middle of my career as a car salesman I took a 3 year vacation and became a truck driver. I drove a 53 ft dry van long haul (lower 48 states and canada) for about a year and a half. I then drove locally in Northern California where I learned to haul double tamkers, transfer trucks, double bottom dumps, flat bed doubles and 48 ft end dump. I hauled everthing under the sun from Aqua amonia to tomato skins. I left the car business to become a contractor. I still keep that license to this day as well as my comercial drivers license. I have never been afraid of hard work but when I felt a sharp pain in my chest that went down my left arm, It turned out to be a pinched nerve. I decided it was time to pursue real estate investing full time instead of in my spare time. It was an easy decision to make because every deal I had done was extremely profitable. I found that I could turn $500 to $1,000 per hour and frequently do more than that.