Higgins Family Photos
October 2004

October 10-13, 2004 - Jen and Emily Visit Pittsburgh
On October 10th, Em and I went out to visit my parents while my sister, Lisa, and
her little boy, Riley (who is 7 months old) were also visiting for a few weeks...


"My goodness - what will this
thing do next?!"
(Grandma Brenda Haroldsen showing
Emily the Fisher Price Circus Train)
"Hmm, You look kind of familiar..."
(7mo old cousin Riley and Emily meet again...)

"Ah, yes, I believe you generally
try to poke me in the nose..."
(Riley is actually very sweet with Emily, but, being
a baby, still tends to go straight for the face...)

Em is a little young for this toddler play station,
but she sure liked swatting at the swinging ball...

"Here, cous', I'll show you how it's done!"
Riley immediately loved the toddler station, and started pulling himself to a standing position to play with it...
"Hey - Mind if I taste your octopus??"
(Ollie, the octopus Matt bought for Em, has
proved popular with a number of friends...)

...And Upon Our Return Home...

Logan Wilson, age 4, gets the distinction of
 inspiring Emily's first "giggle fit" --- he was making faces at her, and she just burst out laughing...

...Just taking a little nap on a sunny
Autumn afternoon... (Oct 28th)

"Hi, Mom!"
(Em started out playing on a blanket about 2 feet
 away, but she's gotten pretty good at wriggling around on her back, migrating in random directions...)

"Oooh - What are these? And
who keeps pulling my toes?"
(Em discovered her feet a few weeks ago, but
still seems quite fascinated with them...)
Remember our Emily Dolly?
Oct 27, compare with photo on page 1 to
see how our little girl has grown so far...)

Emily can even almost sit up... with a
little help and some luck...

October 30th, Church Halloween Party

Meet Farmer Matt, his "little pumpkin"
and her "mummy"...

Matt and Emily, on stage for the baby
costume competition, next to Tabatha
and 1-yr-old Joshua Fugal
...and yet, somehow the evening
eventually ends like any other...

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