Higgins Family Photos
December 2004

The first weekend in December, we took a short trip to Pittsburgh to visit Grandma & Grandpa Haroldsen...

December 2: Grandma playing "patty-cake" with Emily, who finds this quite amusing
"I remember this toy!"
  ...at a favorite Chinese restaurant, the Sesame Inn. 
(Emily, Grandma Brenda,  Grandpa Elliot, Daddy Matt -
with Mommy Jen taking the photo, of course)

Back Home, it's time to put up the Christmas Tree...
Dec 12: Emily (5 mo. old) examines a neat ornament...


(Daddy and Em )

On December 15th, Emily had her first "play date", at the Reynolds home with couple of our new friends...
We tried taking a picture of the kids, but they were too interested in the boxes under the Christmas tree...

So we figured we better include the moms:
Elizabethe and 7 mo old Emmaleigh Reynolds, Ladoya and
1 yr old Marcus Wells,  Jen and 5 mo old Emily (Higgins)

Emily's favorite thing at Emmalei's house
was the "johnny jump-up"
(which the Reynolds were very nice to lend us for a while)

"Hey - I can reach a lot better , sitting up!"
"Thanks for the reindeer slippers Grandma Haroldsen!"
"Thanks for the Lights & Sounds Aquarium Grandma Higgins!"

...trying on Emily's dress for Aunt Nicole's upcoming wedding...

...And finally:
Christmas 2004
For Emily's first Christmas, we were happy to stay home, but even more happy to learn Grandma and Grandpa Haroldsen could come
visit for a couple days! We also went out to the Boschis (Jen's aunt and family) the day after Christmas for a family dinner...
"Are you excited yet?"
(Jen and 5 month old Emily,  Christmas Eve)

"Well this is an odd sock!"
(Christmas morning)

And what is the best thing under the tree
this year? Our sweet little "baby doll"!

"Oooh - that's cool , Grandma Higgins!"
"Here, Daddy, let me help you with that..."
"This is just too much fun!"
(Emily with a pile of her presents, including the fun hat
from Jen's aunt, Barbara Martel)

(Modeling Emily's Christmas Outfit in front
of the Boschi's Christmas Tree)
"How can you eat these?!"
(Aunt Jana let Emily try one of her Cheetos....)

Wow! What a year - we can hardly wait to see what's in store for 2005!
(oh, alright, I'm finally putting this page of photos up in March, but I do seem to be mysteriously busy these days...)

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