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Matt's Drawings

 - A small sample of Matt's sketches and such -

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Older Drawings (1994-2001)
     Note: These drawings were scanned and compiled quite sometime ago, and are pretty low-resolution "gif" files....

Fictional AircraftLink to Aircraft Drawings
Origins of Hyutar
Link to Hyutarian Mythos Drawings

Hyutarian Creatureslink to drawing of Hyutarian creatures

Matt has been drawing aircraft since childhood. Being an aviation technician, he tries to create unusual designs that would probably still fly....
"Hyutar" is a planet of Matt's creation. An alternate world allows the chance to create new creatures, technology, and fictional people, lands, and cultures....

Somewhat Newer Drawings (1999-2004)
       These drawings aren't quite so old and were scanned on a somewhat better machine, but are still fairly compressed....

(Jen's Favorite)
(A young Birrani girl playing at a local shrine)

A central character in several of Matt's stories...


(Windblown Birrani Girl)

Dance of Favors
("Favors" are tokens exchanged by young men and women to signify romantic interest and are often scarves, pendants or other small personal items)

All images are sole property of Matthew C. Higgins. Please do not print, alter, or use for any other purpose without specific written permission from him.

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