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Runesword Related Materials

    Magic in Eternia: An introduction to magic in Eternia, its place in history, and some current theories on its nature. Prefaced by a summary of the "official" info on magic, from the Runesword Guide. 8/22/01 (revision 1.2, 9/14/01)
    Summary of "Official" Race/Kingdom Data: compiled from various sections of the Runesword Guide 8/28/01
    Data Sheets for Kingdom/Culture Developement: a bunch of questions and such to help round-out culture creation
           Blank Data Sheet: (version 1, 8/28/01)
           Morea : My article on the History of the Kingdom of Morea, and ideas/info on "modern" Morea.
                ...A work in progress.... (updated 11/19/01)
    Runesword II: information specific to RSII
           Kingdom Statistics: critical data for character creation. User's Manual had errors, these stats are correct! (10/11/01)

    Runesword Official Site
    The Eternal Project: Creating an unofficial "Encyclopedia Eternica"
    Runesword Discussion Forum: Hosted by Shrapnel Games
    Avatar's Adventures for RuneSword: Home of the "Sosaria" tome and tons of good RS stuff
    Runes of Horror: Run by Count0, a big-time Cthulu and Horror fan.... Includes a very handy tile-set assembly program
    Runesword 3000: For futuristic and/or sci-fi games under the Runesword system, and lots of other resources, too
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