When we tell people about our trip, we usually hear two questions.  The first - "What are you packing?" and the second -"Why are you going?".  To cover the first question we have the gear list.  This answer to the second is why not?

Here are the facts.   We are young (well, Lady is), we have no responsibilities, and we think we can afford it (if we stick to our budget).  So, why not?

What have we done to get here?  Well, first we did a lot of research.  Matt sold his house.  We put all our furniture in storage and gave away our cars.  We took a lot of shots and broke the news to our parents (we will let you guess which was more painful).  Finally, we quit our jobs.

So, here we are 9 hours before we leave.  We'll update you often.  Keep in touch.

P.S.  A lot of people also wanted to know how much this is going to cost.  We are budgeting $50 a day.  Some will say this is too much, others will say too little.  We'll let you know.  Either way, the money has a long way to go.  We have to pay for airfare, buses, trains, hotels, food, theatre, and essentials.