Lady´s Lessons for Life on the Road

- Don´t open food or beverages in your hotel room unless you like sleeping with roaches.
- Always look at 2 hotel rooms before picking one (price and quality are not relative).
- When looking for hotels in your guide book always choose clean over cheap, homey,
     or a ¨backpacker´s favorite.
- It is not a good sign of the quality of the establishment when all the other guests are  
     checking in without luggage. (In addition, you will normally have noisy neighbors.)

- Pack less.  We carry less than most and we still have too much.
- But, pack a sarong (even if you are a man).  We have used ours as a short skirt, a long skirt, a pillowcase, a beach blanket, a towel, a sheet to protect against bed bugs, and in hotels with communal bathrooms they are perfect for walking to the shower.
- Don´t leave wet clothes in a plastic bag for more than 24 hours.
- Always carry extra water.
- Always carry food with you (peanut butter, crackers, cookies).  You never know when you will miss a meal.
- Take a sewing kit.  You might have to repair your backpack.
- Never carry more than a few dollars in your pocket.

- In large cities or risky areas, carry your backpack on your chest.
- Check out cultural events at the local theatre and ask about upcoming festivals and
- Always accept gifts of fruit.  It shows honor abd respect when a foreigner dines with a local.
- Make friends with other travellers.
- Be prepared for your personal space to be invaded (especially on buses).
- Museums are usually worth the cost. 
- Fast food (McDonald´s, Wendy´s) does not mean cheap food.
- Having a car is more responsibility than we can handle.
- Drink local drinks - especially the Nica rum.
- Always try the fruit (no matter what it looks like).
- Bargain shop for internet.  The touristy areas normally have the highest prices.
- Buy cokes and pre-packaged goods from street vendors.  They work very hard.
- Always confirm directions with 2 people.
- Don´t take yourself too seriously.
- Have fun.
- Don´t forget to call home once in a while.
- Ice cream always makes you feel better.