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Why this site exists: 

On Tuesday Aug 29th at 10am, Matt was at work and experienced a sharp migraine headache, something he never has experienced before.   He took a couple of Tylenol and kept working.  After 30 minutes the pain continued and now he was having trouble with his vision.  He called me at work and explained what happened.  At first he thought he had a toothache.  So I picked him up at work at around 1130am and we headed to the dentist office.  After a quick X-Ray, they said it was likely not his tooth and to go the ER.  By 2pm we were at the ER in Plano filling out the paperwork and by 5pm Matt under went an MRI scan.  The ER doctor on duty told us that Matt had a tumor on the back side of the brain and we would need to follow up with a Neurologist the next day.  After a long state of being in shock,  I quickly called my sister who then contacted my Uncle in Boston who is in the medical field.  Within the next 48 hours, Matt's MRI was in his hands of top Nurologists, Radiologists and Neurosurgeons in Dallas, Boston and Harvard University.    They determined, along with specialists  at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, that it might not be a tumor as first diagnosed, but a hemmorhage.

Well, a lot has happened since then and we've updated the latest info in our daily blog.  It has been a crazy process and we're thankful to all of our friends, family and coworkers for their support.

We'll keep you updated daily. 

Thanks!  Matt and Murad
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