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Hi!  As you know we have had a new baby this year!  She is wonderful.  Our other daughters are adapting well to a new baby in the house.

Mattie has now attached herself as "mommy" to a baby doll and is always stealing Abbie's bib to feed her baby with.

This summer Matthew and I have spent a major part of our off-work time working in our yard, planting plants, grass, trees, working on the pool, etc.  We did manage to escape by ourselves for an adult vacation to the beach!  That was great!  No children to answer to for a few days.

Then we took a family vacation to Fripp Island and then to Hunting Island.  A few weeks later we escaped to Panama City Beach.  Mattie is like her mom.  She hates to get dirty!  She hated the sand, the water, you name it.  She did however love playing in the pool with Matthew.  In and out, in and out!
Suzanne has gone back to work part/full time.  Our nanny is "mama nanny" now.  Matthew is working full time of course.  We are trying to juggle busy schedules like everyone else.

Hailey starts a new Prep school this year.  She has decided she wants to play Basketball and softball for the school this year.  She is a good athlete.  I hope she can get some scholarships for college.  She is in a charter school so we hope it will go well for her.  She has been in a Christian school for 10 years, so she is going through a slight culture shock.

Visit our other links to the family pages.  I will update the family photo's throughout the year.  We love to show off our beautiful daughters. 

We hope to have some more good news soon as we are recouperated from our last baby.  (Emergency c-section!)
We want to eventually try again to have a boy.  Matthew says there is too many women, he needs a little boy to play with.  We already have a name picked out, but that will be a surprise for later.
Thanks for visiting and email us with your updates in your lives. 

Matthew and Suzanne Hartley
Hailey, Mattie and Abbie!
Matthew & Suzanne
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