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Will he convert to Shinto?
Meet his favourite Iron Chef?
Get kicked in the nuts by some guy doing karate?

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Feast your eyes on the vast digital archive of memories I've made eternal.

Asahi Beer Factory
 December 9th 2006
A trip around a factory of one of Japan's most famous beer companies. Top fun and free beer.

Sendai and Iwaki
 Mid 2006
These were lying around on my computer doing nothing, so I thought they may be worth a look. Yoroshiku.

Autumn Lantern Festival
 October 7th, 2006
Fun from the Autumn Lantern Festival. Includes a cute doggy.

Random Pictures
 Whenever, 2006
Outdoorsy type photos from around the place.

 August 4th, 2006
Fun from the Summer Waraji Festival. Includes a cute kiddy on a bike.

Welcome Party
 June 9th, 2006
Photos from the international students welcome party.

 Mid-April, 2006
Cherry blossoms, in season.




Images (most of them anyway) and words Matthew Strain 2006.