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Matt Dallas Online is the First and ONLY Official authorized fansite dedicated to the talents of actor Matt Dallas.  Mr. Dallas can currently be seen in the new ABC Family series "Kyle XY".  Matt is an extremely talented  and versatile actor, and this site is dedicated to keeping fans up to date on everything Matt!

The name "Matt Dallas" is exquisitely suited for any marquee, and yes -it's his real name, justifying why there's a restaurant called
Dallas House in Phoenix.  Matt was born Matthew Joseph Dallas on October 21, 1982.  Growing up in the family business gave him the perfect day job while he was auditioning.  "I'm an awesome waiter" he states.  Matt found his real passion at age 12, when he played the Gander in "The Ugly Duckling" in a community theatre.  He says, "From the first audition I knew 'this is what I do-this is my niche, something I can do'".  Matt moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18.  "I'd never done laundry! It was really a shock for me-I was like, 'Oh my gosh--I've got to be an adult!'"  Matt stayed extremely busy as a model, less busy as an actor.  Matt enjoys camping, skiing, and hanging out with friends and family back home in Phoenix.  He loves movies and his favorite food is pizza, and he considers himself a "huge dork". He was credited in such roles as "teenager #1" and "monkey dancer #1", then he hit the jackpot by being cast as the star of ABC Family's new hit series "Kyle XY".  He can also be seen in theJames Blunt music video "Goodbye My Lover" with actress Mischa Barton. He recently made a guest appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to promote "Kyle XY".  Get used to this guy folks, he's going to be around for a long time!
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