Matthew Kerr

I am a Software Engineer, currently working at IGT in Reno, Nevada, on Server Based Gaming systems for electronic gaming machines (ie slot machines).

My professional resume can be obtained on request if you e-mail me, or you can view my profile on LinkedIn (free membership required).

Recommended software for Windows PCs:

  • Google Pack - Install Norton Security Scan, Firefox, Google Toolbar, Spyware Doctor (disable the real-time portion), Picasa, and Skype.
  • VideoLAN - Free video file player that can open anything out of the box.
  • Go OO - Forked OpenOffice which includes newer goodness.
  • Irfanview - Image viewer like ACDSee or CompuShow, but free and has a plug-in architecture.
  • GimpShop - The GIMP made into a more familiar Photoshop style interface.
  • Auslogics Disk Defrag - Free disk defragmentation program that is much better than Windows XP's built-in defragger, and fairly better than the Vista one (although not quite as big of a difference).
  • XPize Darkside - Bring a Windows Media Center edition inspired, but black-tinted look to your Windows XP machine. Updates icons in system files to be higher resolution and color, and improves graphical elements everywhere in slight ways. You don't need Vista or MCE to get a better UI than Luna!
  • 7-Zip - Free compression program that is similar to WinZip or WinRAR; also handles the very nice 7z patent-free algorithm, which is popular for compression in the game modding communities because it can squash media files much smaller than Pk/Zip or RAR.
  • Klient - A very good from-scratch IRC client for Windows written by the author of the comprehensive LittleStar script/mod for mIRC. Supports many different scripting languages using Windows Scripting Host, and has a SDK for adding UI elements to Klient and a full fledged script editing environment and plug-in manager built-in.
  • XFire - A nice buddy messaging and voice-chat client that lets you chat while playing games and join your friends in their online games. Future games will have integrated support from the XFire voice-chat SDK.
  • Trillian - Great multiple-IM client that lets you manage all your IM buddies in one single program instead of having three or four IM clients open at once and with different interfaces.
  • Notepad2 - Replacement for Notepad for Windows based on part of the open-source software called SciTE (Scintilla Text Editor).
  • NFOLux - Text viewer and creator for ASCII art files.
  • UltraMon - Extend your taskbar and manage your desktops on multiple monitors.
  • iTunes - Even if you don't use the Apple Music Store to purchase music, the player can organize your music and help create automatic playlists, and the podcast directory is a great resource for free music and "radio" shows.

Recommended places on the Web:

  • GMail - Why aren't you using the best web mail interface out there? Many have tried to copy what it offers, but fail in over-designing a competitor to the simple and effective mail interface. Ties into your Google account, which can be used for the customized Google front page and such.
  • Mint (Beta) - helps you get a quick big picture of your finances by logging into and consolidating a view of your accounts. Uses secure third-party connectivity, so they do not store any data regarding your accounts. This third-party company is also used by Bank of America, and other top financial institutions, for this type of connectivity.
  • Ars Technica - Technology news, divided up into segments, and an active community forum.
  • Quarter to Three - Website of Tom Chick, with a forum for the in depth discussion of both gaming and everything else. Run by and frequented by many game industry types (both creators and media), and has an easy but effective application process and fair moderation to keep the signal to noise ratio relatively high (compared to other public or anonymous-posting gaming forums).
  • Tech Report - A great blog and preview/review/article/guide site on all different aspects of computer hardware.
  • Boy Genius Report - Blogging about upcoming mobile phones.
  • AutoBlog - Blogging about automobile industry news and curiosities.