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World Industries
For anyone who likes watching flash movies, and playing games come to:
BirdHouse Skateboards
Cheats 4 Games
I have now added games to the forum of this site.  To post a message on it, or to play some games click My Forum">HERE
P.S you must be a registered member (it's free) to play the games or post a message.  And also for those who keep asking me, the forum is a type of chat ok?
Asia Tsunami Fund:
Please, when you are leaving this site, remember to visit one of the other sites where you can make a donation for the people in Asia who were hit by the tsunami.  Just remember, some of those who were hit, were from Australia.
  Here are some websites that you can make a donation at.  Just click on the site and you'll be there.
This site is owned, made, visited, and run by Australians.  Just remember these words when you leave this site...
Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie, Oy, Oy, Oy!!!
For those of you who like to smash goblins, kill wizards and shoot giants, then Runescape is the game to play:
If your looking for ringtones for your phone then go to Mr. Tones and get the ringtones you want:
If your looking for a load of flash games that are funny and cool, then go to X gen studios at:
E-mail:  digits91@hotmail.com