Matt Hayden

(Not the cricketer!)

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Derek Sapphire

He's divine (but not in an elitist way).

I may share my name with a famous cricketer, but I possess none of his abilities. I rack up puns, not runs, and for me a century is getting paid a hundred bucks for a gig. (I've scored two centuries this century.) Being such a bad sport, I put my energy into writing - and sometimes performing - humour.

I know this site looks pretty daggy. Just too flat out to tart it up! Still, I'll keep using it to link to several weblogs. In the first I rant about anything that interests me. It's found both here, and here. Earlier version is here. I do get a tad grumpy and cynical. So to give you a spiritual and culturally sensitive perspective I'll link to a blog by noted healer Derek Sapphire.

Recently, I chanced upon the online diary of the former Leader of the Opposition. Most people think it's a joke. But if you read it you'll be in no doubt that these are the private thoughts of the real Mark Latham.

With the intention of earning a few extra bob, I'm developing a "work-at-home" site. And please read my links page, which includes the URLs of some excellent bloggers.

I post to my blogs pretty often, so please return regularly. And if you have any compliments (or abuse), please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Derek Sapphire - He's divine!
Matt Hayden - Not the cricketer!