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I am a student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  As a junior studying to become a Mechanical Engineer, I spent many hours a week studying.  The courses that I am now taking, although they are few, are fairly difficult.  I am only taking twelve hours of class a week because I work about fifty hours every week.  I am the manager of Crawfish Time on Ridge.  We serve the best crawfish in Lafayette, and I prices are lower than our competitors.  It is hard keeping up with my schoolwork.

During the Fall months, I don't work so I spend my time at Notre Dame High School where I am a volunteer Football Coach.
If I can ever find time off in my busy week, I enjoy going out to my Dad's marsh in Gueydan, LA.  Now that it is starting to warm up a little bit, the bass really start getting active.  When I do go fishing out there, I concentrate on the many flats.  The bass start to spawn in late February and early March, so now is the prime time to be out there fishing.

LAST UPDATED: 3 March 2004
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