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Hi, I'm Matthew, just another nearly-normal kid.  I was forteen when I put up this site (2001). The picture you can hopefully see is the front cover of the book I was writing, my first book, "SuCKeD iN".
Thanks to the red glow, you cannot see the true colour. My eyes are suppose  to be blue, not red, not green, not black and white, just blue.
My hobbies are playing the computer, talking on the phone for a while, using the internet for a bit, reading, taking photos, making ST3 music and being really annoying!

My interests are mostly in computers. I have room for chocolate, cats, birds, smiley faces, and writing books! =)
My friends are Donna (KittyKat), Tegan (Terrible), Rachel (CatLover), Jarryd (?), Ben, Jarrad, and a few more people.

In my family, there's Jimmy (Boobie Boy!), Sarah (Be fairer!), Mum (R.A.S) and me (Foghorn; King Doof)
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