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Hi, I'm Matt.  Welcome to my little place on the Internet.  I am a math teacher as a profession and am probably as nerdy as it sounds!  I love Jesus, football, baseball, and country music.  Recently, I've been trying to get into hockey, which is going good so far!

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My Favorite Teams:
Baseball:  New York Mets
Football:  Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Sabres

Country Music Sites I Enjoy:

Mediabase 24/7 Chart
Radio and Records Top 60 Country Music Chart

My Friends' Pages:
Pauley's Place:  The Paul Skudlarek Home Page
I graduated from high school with Paul and he was also the best man at my wedding.  He's big on NASCAR and computers and has a really good looking website!

Other Interests:
Mugglenet -- A Harry Potter Website

Well, that's about all there is here anymore.  This site used to have a lot more, but I shrunk it down to be more about me than other things.  As my life grows, so will this page.  God Bless!!!
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