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Thanks to recent visits from extended and out-of-province family, we have been motivated....strongly urged....to get some pictures up and here they are. Click on the thumbnails to be directed to the full size large images. Be advised there is a bandwidth limit with the free webhosting here so if you find a warning advising that the page is closed, it will reopen in approx 1 hr. The large images are approx 600-700k and the bandwidth max is 2mb. Next time around I'll try to find a meduim size for all to access
More pictures to follow soon.

John   March 27th, 2005
Passed out again, lots of this.
Life on the road at 2 months is a tough thing.
Matthew fast asleep in his swing! One of the best pics.
Grandpa Vic examining the goods, again.
Matthew in his swing at home. A huge smile enjoying his swing!
Looking over the shoulder during a little cuddle.
Curious eyes examining the world from the safety of Moms arms.
William, ever loving, giving Matthew a kiss in Moms arms
He is ok, Sleeps in the most apparently uncomfortable positions.
Crashed out after another long day eating. Wheres Grandma looking? ~ At Vesuvios Restaurant in Toronto.
1480' up the CN Tower in Toronto, William, Melissa, and Grandma Aly
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