Class Rules
In order to receive a passing grade
students must adhere to the following rules:
Daily supplies needed:
* Loose-Leaf binder or notebook
* A one subject journal notebook
* Pen or pencil
* Assigned reading
School Rules:  (RKA will send specific rules home with each student)
* No hats, du-rags, beepers, cell phones, radios, or discmen allowed.
* When asked, students must move up to fill in all empty seats.
* The bathroom pass can only be issued after the first ten minutes of the period and not after the last ten minutes.
* Students who are late to class must sign a late sheet.

Classroom Rules:
* Disrespecting anyone in the classroom will not be tolerated and will be reported to the      school administration.
* Daily attendance is very important.  If absent, a doctor's excuse or a signed note (by a     parent or guardian) must be provided.
* Students are responsible for making up all missed work and class notes.
* Students must be seated by the time the late bell rings and immediately begin working on  the daily "Do Now" or motivation.
* Class participation is a very big part of the class grade.
* Homework will be given at least four times a week.  Students who are absent are responsible for making up all homework assignments.
* All homework must be done on time, especially the reading assignments. Late assignments will not be accepted, unless accompanied by a medical or parental excuse.  
* Student's grade will be comprised of classroom behavior, class work, journal writing, homework, class participation, research papers, oral presentation, quizzes, and examinations.