Ruff's Den


Okay, so... this day we actaully got out of school cuz of high-winds, blowing snow, and thick ice... my oil-filter sprang a few leaks.. and duct-tapeing it didn't work.. so here's a pic after I had finished changing it, and I could barely feel me pore ole paws. Anyway, when I started off, it was still snowing pretty hard, but in this picci it's nice and calm... the wind wasn't even blowing! (Thank goodness, I was in a t-shirt, and it was only in the teens!)
^^ lookie, my jeepie!!! yay!
^^ Water. What? jeep-otter thingy? SWEET!
O.o almost took off a mirror on my previous attempt at going though these trees. (You can't really tell, but it's a tight squeeze becasue of some pot-hole thingys...) ..and unfortunatly, I didn't make it though until my third try. ^^;;;
Here are the Jeeps.. I got them right after being washed, and I got the sunny day!!! No better resolution, but, hey, It's better!!! The yellow one is me mums, a 2000, and the Gun-metal gray one is me dad's, a '97.
Hehe!!! Mudholes are GREAT fun!!! This 'ere is me in my dad's Jeep, third pass though.. yes, it was that fun!!!
The other day I just saw the jeeps parked like this, and I though "oh, picture opportunity!!!" so.. yeah. here it is!
Yeah, this is 'gold camp raod'. Some psycho rich kids were ruinin' their trucks on this frozen lake... but it looked cool!
A cool rock formation on Gold Camp.
A cool tunnel on Gold Camp.
This one is at the high-school on the way from the company christmas party... I decided to take on some snow drifts in the parking lot.. here I'm totally up on one of the drifts.. err... longways... it's hard to see.. but yeah, it was fun. ^^
My family had some fun the other day... here's a pretty cool pic. That's my mum hangin' out the top.
Had some fun with my jeep this weekend.. I still need to paint the PVC and the brackets.. but... I think it looks cool. ^^