The eyes of God are in your grasp.
I hope that weird bird flu ends up in Hollywood soon....
February 18, 2004
Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind
March 19, 2004
Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Mark Ruffalo, and     Kirsten Dunst

Erase your bad memories and live a life of bliss.
However, even the best drugs have certain side
effects....which reminds me of the time i smoked
angel dust and woke up in the Denver airport's luggage hangar wearing a dress.  Judging by my facial hair, I    must've been in there for over a week.
Kid Surfs Web and Finds Out He's Been Abducted
This could blow your top...

Some teen was surfin' the web and found his photo on a missing child's web site....I don't know what to say. about,
"What the fuck?!!!"
Art Education
Become a Zinger!
This is always fun.  Whenever you want to really piss someone off, zing them.

Here's an easy zinger...if somone emails you an article, photo, or whatever, you can just send this photo back with a caption of your choice, making that person feel like a complete jackass.

Want a personalized version with your head?
Email me with a photo of yourself and I'll do it.
(click on the photo for an enlarged version)
Salvador Dali's Christus Hypercubus
Jesus is being crucified on a teresect, an unraveled hypercube...why?  because an unravled hypercube looks atonishingly like the cross.

What's a hypercube?
Well, in theoretical physics, a hypercube survives in the 4th Dimension, giving the universe one more dimension than our puny human brains can fathom.  When a hyper- cube unravels, it looks like the cross in this painting, giving us the possiblity to view other parts of our universe, similar to traveling through a wormhole. 
Think of Doctor Who's space looks like a regular telephone booth, but once you enter inside, it's about 5x bigger with different rooms.  You can't see it from the oustide, but from inside it makes sense.
After being crucified, Jesus was able to "cross over" to another world, then return 3 days later...did he die and then come back to life? 
He probably thought so...