Everything you need to know about Mattie
Fullname: Matthew James Willis
Nicknames: Mattie-Jay, MJ, Matt, Mattie
Age: 20
Birthday: 8th May (1983)
Starsign: Taurus
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 11.5 stone
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: peroxide blonde!!!!
Previous hairstyles - Dark brown with a wicked white stripe, silver with a brown stripe, dark brown with blonde tips.
Originally from: Kingston, Surrey
Currently lives: Previously lived in Finchely (they've recently  moved  n I dunno where to in London????
Matt plays: Bass, guitar and drums
Favourite subject Biology
Mattie Loves :-)

Skateboarding - although apparently he can't do any tricks yet!

Partying! - Matt is a party animal!  He loves going out clubbing and never wants to go to sleep!  His idea of a perfect date would be going to his local pub.

Blink 182 - He dreams of writing a song with them.

Chinese food and pot noodle!

Jakki Deg (page 3 model)

Meg Ryan

Westham - favourite footie team

Mattie Hates :-(

Jaffa cakes! - How anyone can hate jaffa cakes is beyond me!

Smiling in photos! - Spect you've noticed he's pulling a different face in every picture!

Random Mattie facts

Matt is the one that always ends up tidying up after everyone, well, he is the only one out of the 3 of them who knows how to use the washing machine and dishwasher!

MJ has already had a single out called 'Sunshine Lover' which is a collaboration with Miles Slater on Cru's label.

Mattie has lost track of the number of things he's been Busted for!

Matt is often described as being a bit rough round the edges and a real geezer, while fellow bandmate Charlie referred to him as "knobhead"!

MJ is incredibly loud! and very funny.

In just 19 years MJ has broken 42 bones in his body!