Busted Book Signing - Leyton - 7th July
This was the first ever time I met Busted and what a lovely bunch of lads they are!  I had a brilliant day despite the hours of queueing in the hot sun, it was all worth it especially when I got a kiss from James :)  We waited around afterwards and watched the lads signing away, we got a few waves and grins from the boys and we spotted JB's bro Nick hanging around in the carpark!  Then I chased the Busted car as far as I could down the road like the true crazed fan that I am and they waved us off, the best day ever!

Here are my pictures from the signing, i'd appreciate it if you didn't take them without my permission, cheers.
Matt and Chaz.  Aww look at that lovely smile!
More pictures from the day this way, click here!