B      U       S       T       E      D
Who are they?
If you live in the semi-posh London suburb of Finchely, the chances are you'll already be aware of Busted.  They're the three lads who moved in down the road in March - the ones responsible for the all-hours parties, the distant thump of top-volume music, and the gentle scent of unwashed dishes drifting through the spring air.  If you're new to Charlie, Mattie and James, hold onto your hat: Busted are finally ready to do to the charts what they've already done to North London, armed only with their brand of infectious, boysterous, balls-out guitar driven pop, with the axe-flailing cheek of Blink 182, the pop nous of Max Martin, and the best line in haircuts since Kelis last went for dinner with Lily Savage. (which in case you're wondering, was last friday.  Kelis had pie and mash).


An 18 year old virgo from Southend-On-Sea with two brothers and one sister.  He's delicately, carefully spoken - but don't let that fool you, this boy can party with the best of them.  He's as obsessed with *NSYNC as he is with Blink 182, while the alarmingly athletic chap's spare time is spent surfing, playing tennis, and shooting pool.  His dream is to sit down and write a song with Michael Jackson

Then there's Ipswich boy Charlie Simpson, the youngest of three brothers, with the sort of modellish good looks you'd usually expect to find staring out from a billboard fronting a well-packed pair of Calvins.  With tastes centering on the Deftones and Jimmy Eat World, Charlie's still only 17 (note to publicans in the Suffolk area: you've been had), and is Busted's resident posh crumpet.  He dimly recalls being Busted for smoking.  The punishment: detention.

If you're after a bit of rough, Mattie Jay's every inch yer man.  The 19-year-old Kingston boy's already had a garage single out ('Sunshine Lover', a collaboration with Miles Slater, on Genius Cru's label), and has got the word geezer running through him like some extravagantly coiffured stick of rock.  The sort of outspoken guy pop needs more of - he's like The Streets meets Jamie Oliver meets Johnny Rotten.  All mouth, plenty of trouser.  Obviously he's lost count of the things for which he's been busted, but you can be sure of one thing - for every bust there's a whole catalogue of roguish misdemeanours that will forever go undetected.  A life long obsession with West Ham has equipped Mattie with the ability to look failure in the face; hardly something he'll be calling on in Busted.
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