So what springs to mind when you think of Charlie? 
Posh? eyebrows? giant?! modelish good looks?!
Why we should love Charlie.....

eyebrows! In my experience this does seem to put a lot of people I know off him for some unknown reason and there's a lot of talk of shaving them off!  But let's face it Charlie just wouldn't be Charlie without them, it's like his trademark now, I happen to like them! lol

Stunning good looks.  There's no way you can have failed to notice this! lol.  Mattie once said "Girls fall at his feet" and I think we can say that's about right!

No one can deny Charlie has an amazing voice, that tends to send a lot of girls weak at the knees but who can blame them.  He's obviously a very gifted musician what with the songwriting, the guitar playing and the drumming.  Charlie even has two bands on the go at once, it's not all about Busted!

He's a
hopeless romantic. Charlie's into all the candelit dinners and moonlit walks along the beach kinda thing, plus he loves those girly soppy films.  Once he put rose petals all around a bath for a girl and has been known to travel long distances in the past just to see a girl for a couple of hours.  Now personally i'm not into all thats slushy stuff, i'm much more of a James girl (all you can eat restaurants, movies and playiing ping pong! lol) but Charlie's clearly a really sensitive guy and that's something that's hard to come by! lol.

Bad dancer! The fact that Charlie can't dance to save his life "I dance like my dad!" is just so cute.  I'm pretty crap at dancing myself so Charlie I share your pain! lol

Posh! Charlie's a well brought up lad, his parents must be so proud!  The poshness is no doubt due to his public school education, but I can't really say anything cos that's my background too!  But I am NOT posh ok!!  Charlie is frequently teased by Matt and James for being posh, poor love, but for the other lads it does seem to provide an endless source  of entertainment!  Charlie's accent has often been the souce of some confusion judging by the fact that Matt thought he was Dutch when he 1st met him!

"Charlie didn't know what to expect of my mates - to be honest, I was probably the 1st working-class person he'd ever met in his life and he thought all of my mates were going to be little Trevors.  But he ended up getting on so well with them- he went "Mattie, I'm really impressed, they're all really well-dressed," as if he expected them to be wearing sack-cloth like Victorian urchins or something!" - MATTIE

Tall, Charlie is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tall!!!  When I stood next to him for the first time it was kind of like *wow! hello up there!* he iwas truly like a giant to me and i'm pretty damn tall myself!

Clumsy, Bless him Charlie does tend to have a habit of knocking things over etc

Matt - "When Charlie comes up the stairs it sounds like a heard of stampeding elephants!"

What I thought of Charlie.  Charlie's a really nice bloke, he's always been all polite and really friendly when i've met him.  The only thing I begin to wonder is if he's slightly deaf because I had to shout at him "Charlie, ermm.....hello Charlie, Charllllieeeeeeeee!!!!" to get his attention once when I was literally standing directly in front of him! lol, we got there in the end though! - Only joking, i'm sure his sense of hearing is fine, I love him really!
Random charlie facts - Nicknames

Charlie does have a hell of a lot of nicknames, here's some of them and i'm sure there's a load more that we don't know about!

Charlie Farley
...the list goes on