As a devoted Mattie fan, you can't have failed to notice that our Matt's bum seems to be poking out at nearly every opportunity!  He's probably got the most famous backside in pop!  And why is it do you reckon, that even though he wears a belt most of the time his trousers somehow always manage to fall down anyway?  It'll remain a mystery!  I felt it deserved a page in its own right so here you go, enjoy all Mattie fans!  If you've got anymore pictures you'd like to donate for this page e-mail me at
There's the belt and yet they're slipping down! lol.  Perhaps he buys all his trousers a size too big?!
James and Charlie's trousers manage to stay up, Matt's have a mind of their own!  Still we shouldn't complain, can we say pinchable!!
More on the way soon!!  Including captions from that fateful moment in Japan when his trousers hit the floor live on Japanese tv!  Why wasn't I there to see it!