It was November last year, and people were asking me, "who the hell are Mcfly?"  Everytime I gave them a mention!  Well now, with growing media attention and  joining Busted on the 'Ticket for Everyone Tour 04' I think a lot of you will already know.    For those of you who don't here's a little about the boys, read on.....
Name: Dougie Paynter
Age: 16
Birthday: 30th November
Role in McFly: Bassist & vocals
Grew up in: Corringham, Essex

Fave bands: Blink 182, New Found Glory
Fave song: "Don't tell me it's over" - Blink 182
Fave chat up line: "I ain't got one, that's why I haven't got a girlfriend"

Dougie, as described by fellow band member Tom:
"One of the most quirky people i've ever met.  He comes across as being quiet and shy when you first meet him - but you soon find out what he's really like!"

Name: Danny Jones
Age: 17
Birthday: 12th March
Role in McFly: Guitar and vocals
Grew up: Bolton

Fave bands: Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band or The Who
Fave song: Born In The USA or 'Born To Run'
Fave food: Spag boll, warm cookies, cake, chocolate eclairs

random Danny facts: Danny is  the band joker, an obsessive fan of live music and is one of the few people who support Bolton Wanderers!

Name: Harry Judd
Age: 17
Birthday: 23rd December
Role in McFly: drummer
Grew up: Chelmsford, Essex

Fave bands: The Used/Blink 182/ The Beatles
Fave Song: 'Hey Jude'
Fave chat up line: "Don't have one, they don't work"

Danny on Harry: "He's so determined, But he's a really good friend, he's the one we can all turn to for advice, and he's got lots of common sense."

Name: Tom Fletcher
Age: 18
Birthday: 17th July
Role in McFly: Guitar & vocals
Grew up: Harrow

Fave bands: The Beachboys
Fave song: Fun Fun Fun/Superman (Five for Fighting)
Fave chat up line: "Don't use them...might explain why I am single!"

Random Tom Fact: Tom saw an adverstisment in NME, a band were after one final member, and he fancied his chances.  He got down to the final two but when the final place in the band - Busted - went to some guy called Charlie, Tom began his own deal with Busted's managers own production label and McFly was born.
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