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14th May: Busted just completed a very successful 4 date tour in Japan and are now embarking on a 3 week tour of the US, good luck to the boys over in the states, miss them already :(
30th April: Hey guys, time for another update i feel the sites been neglected recently.  Right what have I been up to recently on the busted front?  Well the boys were  on MTV'S TRL on tuesday this week and as u know wherever busted are i'm likely to be....yup i was there! lol.

A good show, highlights were probably James moonwalking round the studio whilst doing Jim Carrey impressions at the same time, and the airhostess performance at the end.  I got James plec after much effort! lol. Asked him for it before and after the performance because he forgot almost instantly that i asked for it and it took me and my mate shouting at him to get his attention, is james slightly deaf?.....hmm well...lol.  We waited outside afterwards for the band to come out and I got a few photos which will be posted up on here very soon, look out!  Met Damo busted's drummer again, who was lovely as always, by this time there was a torrential rain and a thunderstorm overhead! 

Matt and Charlie got in their car and me and my mate legged it up the road after the car because it stopped at the traffic lights!  We caught up with the car, ran round the side of it, and tapped on the window and I gestured for matt to wind the window down! which he did! We were soaked through, but we got to chat to matt quickly (in the middle of a road!) and I got a very amusing photo of him through the car window, it'll be on the home page soon! Matt wasnt expecting this photo so he looks semi - blinded but it was all good! 

Busted whereabouts - Busted are off to Japan soon for their tour over there, but hopefully they wont leave us for too long!  Airhostess is out NOW so get it if you havent already and maybe we can make them number 1 AGAIN! More updates soon!!
7th april: The Busted tour is sadly over :( but what an amazing tour it was!  They only left us wanting more!!  Check out the Arena Tour 04 section for photos taken at the tour.

Airhostess is set for release this month!  Slight confusion over the actual date but I'll post up here as soon as I know.  I saw Matt, James and Charlie on saturday at the cduk studios and they all seemed to be in a very good mood you'll be glad to know, we watched them sing Airhostess which was great, if a little hard to jump to cos it's so damn fast!

I had a bit of a close encounter with the one and only Matt when I walked round the corner only to find him walking straight towards me!  He looked gorgeous as always! (even tho he didnt have his hair done at that point cos his stylist obviously hadn't got their hands on it yet!).  James' love of jaffa cakes still goes on, shown as he gladly excepted a box from fans in the audience :)  Good to know eh?!
March 15th: Hey guys!!!!!  The tour rocked!  I went to Wembley on the 12th and it  was amazing!  Definately the best busted gig I've been to by far!  I thought the best songs were Matt's rendition of Better Than This, You Said No, 3am and Charlie's Why.  But all the tracks were ace.  If you're into Mcfly, well they rocked too, they sang 5 songs and we werent dissapointed.  V arent really my cup of tea but still good nonetheless.  It was all very dramatic what with fireworks going off and the cool set and busted appearing in puffs of smoke and all that, kept us in suspense that's for sure!  Fantastic evening, and i'm doing it all again on the 27th would you believe!  Check out some tour pics on here soon, more will be added eventually lol.