B  u  s  t  e  d     P  e  n  p  a  l  s
Would you like someone to share your Busted obsession with?  Someone that won't mind if you waffle on for hours about them, because they adore them too!

If so why not list yourself here and then hopefully someone will see your name and start writing to you!

Just send me an e-mail to this address
Mattie_jay_obsession@yahoo.co.uk including your name, age, e-mail address and favourite Busted boy, plus anything else you wanna say about yourself, then i'll add you to this page.
Name: Zanthia
Age: 15
e-mail address: zanthia_s@yahoo.co.uk
Fave member of Busted: Mattie-Jay
Name: Katy
Age: 15
e-mail address: shuveitupyanose@aol.com
Fave member: Mattie-Jay
Name: Roxy
Age: 14
e-mail address: ripcurlgirl_fcukoff@hotmail.com  or
Fave member: Mattie-Jay
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 14
e-mail address: BustedFreak@hotmail.com
Fave member: Charlie Simpson
Name: Kt
Age: 14
e-mail address: theCALLINGrock@hotmail.com
Fave member: Mattie-Jay
Name: Clare
Age: 15
e-mail address: strawberryglow@hotmail.com or
Fave member: The gorge Matty!!!!

Name: Lauren Flint-Carter
Age: 13
e-mail address: mattiejayschik@yahoo.com
Fave member: I love Mattie Jay to bits!!!  uuhhh!!!  He's so gorgeous!
Name: Kelly Jay
Age: Sadly not old enough 2 marry Matt.
e-mail address: garland0031@suttonlea.org
Name: Tracy
Age: 15
e-mail address: tracy14cat@hotmail.com
Fave member: I love them all, but mostly Charlie
Name: kayleigh
Age: 13
e-mail address: Snowy2b1@aol.com
Fave member: The king Mattie Jay all the way
Name: Hannah (Mattie Jay Obsession owner)
Age: 17
e-mail address: mattie_jay_obsession@yahoo.co.uk
Fave member: Pretty damn obvious!!!
Name: Mel A
Age: 14
e-mail address: dreamymimi@hotmail.com
Fave member: Mattie <cos he's fit 'n' I can draw him> but MOST OF ALL Charlie.  I have arranged the marriage....
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