Promoting Busted
Wanna help promote your favourite band and receive Busted goodies in return for your hard work? Sound good? then read on, for some ideas on how you could help.

1st - It would be a good start if you haven't already to join

The Busted Official UK Street Team
Joining this Yahoo! group will not only give you the chance to catch up on all the latest gossip on the boys but also to get your hands on some Busted goodies!  The Official Street Team not only has the suport and help of Busted's record company but also of Busted themselves. The team helps to promote the band making sure they get the recognition they clearly deserve.

What can you do to promote the band?

* Tell all your friends about Busted.

* Get as many peeps as you can to join the Official Street Team (just what i'm doin now,lol)

* Start discussions on bulletin boards/message boards bout Busted.

* E-mail DJ's to get Busted's song played.

* Vote for Busted in any online voting.

* Distribute flyers, if you want  to do this then you need to e-mail Crissie the leader of the Street Team giving her your address and saying you'd like some to help with the promotion at  and she should send you some nice glossy postcards to hand around.

* Write to magazines telling people about Busted.

* Get as many of your friends as you can to sign up to the Busted website
Obviously if you want to be rewarded accordingly for your work you need to inform the Street Team Leader of what you've been doing.  You could do this by...

- Sending regular emails about the promoting you've been doing to the team leader (write to Crissie the current leader at the address mentioned above).
_Send photo's of yourself handing out flyers, you can e-mail or if you have no scanner there's a postal address.
-Send links to bulletin boards you have talked about Busted on.
-Send a copy of any e-mails you have sent to DJ's to Crissie.
-send copies of letters you have written to magazines about the band.

If you have any specific questions e-mail The Street Team Leader.  If your confused about any aspects of the Street Team try looking in the Files section on the Street Team's home page and click on FAQ's as you might find the answer there.

I am a Streeteamer and after doing some promoting by handing out flyers, I received a t-shirt, bag, stickers, badges and a CD although there's also a lot of other merchandise you can get your hands on too including Busted sweatbands, hats etc, the hard work pays off! SO GET PROMOTING!