You Know You're Obsessed When.......
Want to find out the true extent of your Mattie Obsession? Just count the number of times you answer YES to these questions to find out!
1) Your bedroom walls, locker, school books....ok, just about every available surface are plastered with pictures of Mattie and Busted.

2) You buy anything Busted related.  You've got both the books, all the cd's, t-shirts, badges, bags, the lot!

3) The Busted albums are kept on repeat on your CD player, while the stack of other CD's you've collected over the years sits in the corner gathering dust. You've played them so much that even your mum knows all the words for goodness sake!

4) You change the word Britney to Mattie J on track 3.  'I want you Mattie J, I need you here with me, you know that I won't stop until i've got you, I want you Mattie J'!

5) Every time Busted make a tv appearance you're poised by the VCR, so you can record it and watch it again and again and again and again and.................

6) You find yourself singing Busted songs at totally inappropriate times!

7) You've tried to convert all your mates into Busted fans and if they hate them with a passion! *I've turned at least 5 or 6 people to date, gooo me! lol*

8) You're going to the Busted 2004 arena tour more than once! *Yep that's me!*

9) You jump up and down with excitement whenever a Busted song is played on the radio!

10) You've bought all the formats of  every CD single they've released just so you don't miss out on anything!

11) You've sent them letters gushing about how much you love them!

12) You've lost track of the number of Busted groups you've joined and now end up with over 100 e-mails in your inbox most days (particularly from the official street team). Just one more couldn't hurt, could it?

13) You try to join all the Busted fanlistings and cliques that exsist and visit all the Busted websites.  Good luck trying to visit them all, the number's growing steadily by the day!

14) You've built a fansite like me.

15) You have an e-mail address that is somehow Busted related.

16) You have Busted wallpaper on you're computer desktop.

17) You try to make it to all their concerts and every Busted event even if they're miles and miles away from where you live and you can't afford it!  And when you can't go, you sulk!

18) You buy every magazine that has a Busted feature in it no matter how small that article may be!

19) You know Mattie's vital stats  and likes and dislikes off by heart!

20) You visit the official website on a daily basis in case it's been updated over night!

21) You've taken 2 following Busted wherever they go!

22)Your ambition in life is to meet Mattie in person! *well I can tick that one off my list :)*

23) You think about Mattie at least once a day, hour , minute o_O

24) You fantasize about marrying him, lol * raises hand guiltily*

So, how did you do? Write to me and tell me if you like, i'm thinkin about creating a page listing what everyone scored.

If you scored
24/24 then your an absolute Mattie junkie! You literally love the guy to bits, your officially 100% obsessed and are actually going a little bit overboard, however I must congratulate you on your devotion, well done.

If you answered yes to
19 or more then your a MASSIVE fan, infact your the perfect fan and you love and adore  from a distance.

If you answered
10 or more, then you think Mattie's alright.  You think he's really good looking, and very talented.  But your way beyond that obsessive fangirl/boy behaviour.

If you answered
7 or more, you think our Mattie's kinda cute.  But nothing to fall head over heels for, it's probably just a phase your going through, it'll wear off.

less than 7, You think he's ok, nothing special.

If you scored
less than 5.... PATHETIC!!! You shouldn't  even be here, are you lost?