About Me!
Name: Hannah

Age: 18

Favourite member of Busted
: JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work that one out!!

Favourite Busted tracks:
Fun Fun Fun, Last Summer, Year 3000, Psycho Girl, Everything I knew, Without You, Can't Break Thru, Better Than This, Airhostess, She Wants To Be Me, Loner In Love!

First started liking Busted:
Back in September 2002 when I heard them on radio one taking over the air waves.  They played a couple of their songs, I instantly loved them!  I went and bought the album the day it came out and its' been in my cd player on repeat ever since!  I just happened to be a bonus that all three of them are gorgeous!  My obsession developed from there.

: My fave band is Busted, that goes without saying really! I also love Good Charlotte, McFly, Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, Lost Prophets, Blink-182 and Alanis Morisette.

I can't stand
: Girls Aloud!!!!  Louis Walsh (Busted think he's an idiot and after meeting him the other day so do I !!!!! (After we decided to stand up for Busted and challenge him on all the bad things he'd said about them he started shouting at us, Charming!), Pop Idol, Popstars and every other related reality tv show!, Blazin Squad, and worst of all Busted haters!  The Cheeky Girls (the fact that their songs even get into the charts is a crime in itself!), Fast Food Rockers and general crap like that!

Hobbies: Going to gigs, following Busted!

Ever seen Busted?
: Loads of times, I've lost count!

Ever met the boys?
: Yep twice!  I finally met them at their book signing in London and again at the Sleeping With The Light On signing at Virgin Megastores.  I can tell you now they're all lovely and even more gorgeous in real life! (no I didn't think that was possible either!). 

Met Anyone else?: McFly, D-Side, Cat Deeley, Dave Berry, Busted's drummer Damon, and Chris Bourne (JB's little bro!) lol.

Would like to meet!: Good Charlotte & Avril

I set up this site to show my support for Mattie and Busted.  Thanks for paying it a visit, sign the guestbook and tell me what you think!

Hannah :)

If you'd like to contact me about anything to do with this site or Busted then mail me at this address:


My special thanks go out to the best band in the entire world, BUSTED for all the good times i've had ( i'm sure there's many more to come), I can't imagine life without you guys!  To everyone whom i've gathered pictures and info from and to my best pal Gemma, without whom i'd never have met Busted......oh and all my other Busted pals!