Original "Hero of Justice" Posters:
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The Heroes:
As far as the heroes go, not too much has changed.  Mattman's outfit is almost exactly the same, except in the more recent version, he has the "M" Mattman logo on the forehead of the mask as well.  Mattgirl's outfit is exactly the same, as is Blue Jay's (unless I decide to change it when I redraw him).  Falcon is the only character who had a major overhaul, as I completely changed his outfit.  In the comic series, Falcon's outfit had always been white and silver, with the "F" Falcon logo.  For the logo of "Hero of Justice" I was going to do something where all three logos can combine into one, so I ended up changing Falcon's logo, but it looks a bit too much like Mattman's.  Plus, the red and black didn't fit him too well, so when I drew the picture the second time, I gave him the black and white uniform that is above, and a slightly altered "F" Falcon logo.

The Villains:
At the time, I had only completed drawing Fantastic Woman and Titanium.  As you can see from the pictures above, both had HUGE make overs when I drew the pictures the second time, as both of them drifted from the tights/liatard type outfits and towards more natural clothing.  Fantastic Woman exchanged the one piece black and red liatard for leather pants, heeled boots, and a revealing top.  She also dropped the red and replaced it with silver.  Titanium about tripled in body size, and got rid of the ridiculous looking tights, instead wearing black pants and a torn workshirt.  His mask is also quite different, and I prefer the more recent design.