Justification: Redemption Applied


*What is Justification? by MP: This is a short article explaining the central elements of justification -- the doctrine which Calvin called "the main hinge on which all regligion turns" because without knowing God's judgment concerning ourselves we have no foundation on which to build a relationship with Him.

*Justification by Faith Alone by MP: Whereas the previous article sought to simply state the two main aspects of justification, this article is more in depth and also examines the biblical basis of the doctrine.

*Understanding the Gospel: Justification by MP: This is a shorter form of the above article which also, unlike the above article, comments on with James 2:24.

*The Pleasure of God in Justifying the Wicked by MP: God does not justify believers out of duty, but out of delight! This article explains why from Romans 5:16-19--and in so doing shows that the perfect obedience of Christ is the ground of our justification and the implications this has.

*Is Obeying God the Same as Trusting God? Justification by Faith Alone in Romans 4:1-6 by MP: Sometimes well-meaning Christians can come close to implying that faith and obedience(i.e., love for your neighbor) are at root the same thing. This article exhorts us to be careful to avoid this thinking by arguing that Paul did indeed conceive of faith and obedience as different because he taught that we are justified by faith and not obedience.

*Paul's Theology of Faith and the Law/Gospel Contrast by MP: In order to understand justification by faith alone with the clarity that we need, we must understand the underlying contrast between law and gospel. By demonstrating the nature of this distinction in Galatians 3:9-12, this article seeks to counter the idea that faith and obedience are fundamentally the same thing.

*What Does it Take to be Saved? by MP: This is a short look at the nature of faith according to John 3:14-15.

*Concerns with Dan Fuller's Theology of Justification by MP and JT.

*Are Future Grace and Covenant Theology at Odds? by MP: Some have argued that John Piper's teaching on faith in his book Future Grace is contrary to historic Protestant theology. This article seeks to show that, on the contrary, Piper is in line with historic Protestantism because he is in line with its most nuanced form--covenant theology.

*What is God Declaring at the Final Judgment? by MP: How do justification and final judgment relate? This article explores that issue. Just as there are dangers in too closely identifying faith and obedience, there are also dangers in too closely identifying justification and the final judgment.

*The Meaning of Nomos (Law) in Galatians 3:11-12 by MP: This is a word study to discover what Paul means when he says that "no one is justified by law." My findings, which are part of the basis for many of the above articles, are that the law he is speaking of is the law of God which calls for us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

*The Doctrine of Justification by Faith, Through the Imputation of the Righteousness of Christ; Explained, Confirmed, and Vindicated by John Owen. This is an extremely in-depth and solid Scriptural defense of the all important doctrine of justification by faith alone. Owen wrote this hundreds of years ago, but his arguments are just as relevant and powerful today.

*Adopted by God: The Pinnacle of God's Grace by Dustin Shramek. In justification adoption is conferred upon us--we are made children of God (legally, not inwardly). This is a study on the joy of having God as one's Father.

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