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mobile: 0403 906 818


Matthew is a Sydney actor and performer, recently relocated from Brisbane.  Since deciding just two years ago to follow his dream, he has built up a folio of work with some of the state's most experienced and respected actors and directors.  Most notable were his performance as Biff in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, and his latest turn as Mr Darcy in the hit Joanna Butler play I Want to Be in a Jane Austen Novel.

In addition to his film and theatre acting, Matthew has written numerous short films and directed two
- The Jumper and Leonard Wants to Kill Himself.

Matthew is also an artist.  Some of his collected drawings and illustrations can be viewed on this site.  In January 2006 Matthew took a long overdue foray into painting, and while still experimenting with surrealism and expressionist styles, he has begun producing intimate portraits using strong colour in a realist style.  Two examples are available to view.

Currently, Matthew is writing a feature film script and organising a move to Sydney to take up the challenge of a career in the performing arts.

Matthew is 29 and originally from Ipswich