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Here's only a small list of some of my favourite places on the web.  Although I can't exactly say I visit any of these places very regularly (I often end up searching for something totally unrelated to what I originally logged on to for), there are some pretty useful and well designed sites.  Just now I'm afraid I couldn't be arsed to prioritize or give even a basic description of the sites listed below.  So you're going to have to work out as much as you can from the web site title and address.  

Remember, you can always use the 'Search' facility<Top-left>

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(P.S.  It isn't exactly my fault if the aforementioned facility fails to work or even link to anywhere.  To tell you the truth, I'm really only stumbling my way through this program by bashing the keys in every kind of random order and hoping for the best, am I really expected to know what and how everything works, I don't think so).


The      Network


My Favorite Site

Comedy Central

Yahoo! Chat




Star Trek.com




MSN Gaming Zone





Comet Cursor







Office on the Web






c|net: the computer network


c|net: the computer network, creators of c|net online and the television series c|net central, is an on-air and online interactive showcase for computers, multimedia, and digital technologies.  Also bringing us one of my favourite, most useful and reliable sites, Download.com


Bradford Robotic Telescope


On this site you can send a request into a robotic telescope in England asking it to take a picture of anything in the northern night sky. This site also has weather reports updated daily. This site also has a comprehensive multimedia guide to stars and galaxies taken from the CD-ROM Earth and Universe from BTL Publishing Limited. It comes with a lot of sound and MPEG format movies.


European Space Agency


This is the home page for this European society which is meant to promote cooperation amongst it member states in the area of peaceful space research. You can read the latest press releases, learn about the agency’s programs and projects, check out their publications, and more.


Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space


See this page to learn about Lockheed Martin’s Missile and Space program. It gives background information on the company as well as describing their programs and commercial services. It also gives job opportunity information.

MIT Center for Space Research


Find out what is going on at MIT involving space technology. This site gives information on all of the ongoing research projects at the school. It also has links to each of the school's observatories. Access to several data resources is given.


The NASA Homepage


This is the front door to all of NASA’s web sites. You can check audio, photo, and video clips, learn about space science, link to NASA’s other centers around the world, read the daily NASA news, and a lot more.


Russian Space Agency


Learn about the Russian Space Agency. This agency has control of Russia’s civilian space program. Learn about its history and about space programs such as the MIR space station and the abandoned shuttle projects.


SETI Institute


Learn about this non-profit research organization, which is dedicated to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Learn about its more than two dozen projects. This site covers the Project PHOENIX very thoroughly.


Games Domain


The oldest gaming resource on the Web now has sites in the U.K., U.S., and Russia. You can search for a particular game using the search engine at the top of the page. This page also provides the latest news on additions to the Domain and information on GD Magazine.




Part of the excellent c/net electronic magazine, this well-designed site provides over 100,000 programs for downloading. To see the latest and greatest shareware, demos, and freeware for PCs and Macs, try to find the c/net selections choice. This Web site is considered by many to be the shareware and freeware resource.


The Movies Cliché List


Contains an hilarious list of movie clichés and logic flaws from hundreds of films. Choose a cliché of interest (Clothing, Monsters, Women, Wood, and so forth) to see lengthy descriptions (complaints?) of clichés. Give your e-mail address and updates will be sent your way.


Internet Car Guide


Select a car by looking through makers, models, and classes. When you narrow your search down to a single vehicle, you are presented with a photo and the option of viewing all of its specifications. A glossary is also provided, which is very useful for giving meaning to sometimes cryptic automobile terms.






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