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Last updated 9/29/02
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(l-r) Ric Menck, Jeffrey Underhill, Paul Chastain
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Velvet Crush Creates Official Website!
The band has created it's own website at www.velvetcrushrockgroup.com.  It's still under construction, but boasts a complete visual discography, including 7" single sleeves of pre-VC bands.  Click on the logo to visit the site.     (6/02)
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Velvet Crush New Album(s) Update!
The band has completed work on the long awaited
Soft Sounds album and it should be released soon.  I also received the following news from Ric Menck:
"I'm happy to report that on July 17th Paul and I are meeting in Champaign to begin recording the new album.  Adam Schmitt is engineering, Nick Rudd is playing the guitar, and I think we'll even be lucky enough to have Bobby Kimball in to sing some harmonies."  [Bob Kimball is the singer for the group Weird Summer.  The Velvet Crush titled their song "Weird Summer" after Bob's band.  For those who haven't heard Weird Summer, they're a great band.  Think of the Gin Blossoms with soul. -ed.]
I would also like to urge all of you to buy the Action's Rolled Gold.  There's a reason Ric keeps raving about this album.  I dare say that Rolled Gold is what the Velvet Crush might have sounded like circa 1968?!?  Check it out.     (07/02)
Soft Sounds Album Out Now!
From Parasol's description of the album, it sounds like this will be the band's most challenging work to date.  The album includes covers by the Box Tops, Fleetwood Mac and Scott Walker.  Soft Sounds also marks the return of ex-Crusher Jeffrey Underhill, but not in the manner you'd expect.  He plays drums on one track, which Ric described to me as "pretty fucking cool".  For more details or to buy it, visit parasol.com.  I will try to get a few words soon from the band on the album.     (09/02)
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