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As you want to be treated, treat others too
That be life's Golden Rule, for me and for you.
Do follow this rule, of wrong and of right
For what comes back, is what you give out.

Religions are many, each with  beliefs of its own
Yet one common goal forming their backbone.
To commend the existance of a supreme one
Be it in the form of a dove, or that of the sun.

One very strong, a mysterious hold
Invading our mind, and guiding the soul.
Towards truth and love, not lies and hate
Awaiting for us at His golden gate.
We are living in a world made up of people with different faiths but the human spirit is one. If we compare the essential beliefs, we find them to be very similar. They all speak of love towards one another with the utimate  goal of creating a better world. Many of their principals are expressed almost word for word. Many of the differences are superficial.

by Matilda